Students must be placed in the appropriate level based on previous experience and skill set. We do not determine levels solely by age. Students may spend more than one year at a designated level as the difficulty increases. Advancement of students to the next level is at the discretion of the instructor and studio owner. If you are new to the studio, an evaluation must be done before permanently placing your dancer in a class. 


Dress code information and ordering information can be found on our website under class info and selecting uniforms from the drop down box.



Primary Ballet

Introduce your little dancer to the beautiful art of ballet! This class will enhance your child's coordination, balance and flexibility with the teaching of basic ballet positions, steps, and terminology through standing barre work and simple center floor exercises. Your child will also enjoy simple and fun exercises in creative movement and music exploration.

Pre-Academy Ballet

As the Pre-Academy Ballet level classes progress, the dancers will be exposed to correct body alignment, posture and be introduced to correct classical ballet technique and beginning basic terminology.  We will help the children develop coordination, balance, flexibility, and musicality in a traditional ballet class format.  Classroom focus will be on appropriate etiquette, respect for others, and self-confidence.


Academy Level 1 Ballet

Level 1 ballet dancers should have an introductory foundation of basic ballet technique and understand the beginnings of proper alignment.  Ballet etiquette will be enforced, and students are expected to be fully engaged and focused in class. Students will be introduced to simple combinations and additional strengthening and conditioning exercises in preparation for Level 2 classes. Dancers will begin an introductory education in classical music and ballets. Dancers are required to enroll in Academy Level 1 Lyrical/Jazz combo class and are strongly encouraged to enroll in Acro.

*Required for Company students.


Academy Level 2 Ballet/Pre-Pointe

Level 2 students will work on developing technique, posture, vocabulary, flexibility, strength, and coordination. Turns are introduced, and steps are combined to form combinations. Strength training is also introduced in Pre-Pointe. Students in this level should also be mindful that attendance is critical for further advancement. Students will continue their education with more in depth exposure to the classical ballets, music and artists,  Dancers are required to enroll in Academy Level2 Lyrical/Jazz

*Required for Company students.


Academy Level 3 Ballet/Pre-Pointe

These dancers are presented with a more challenging vocabulary. In this level, pre-pointe work will become more challenging. Technique and proper alignment should be solid and artistry is introduced. Dancers should be able to maintain their turnout and have strong ankles and feet in preparation for pre-pointe and pointe work. Steps will increase in difficulty, turns, leaps and combinations will grow in length and complexity.  These dancers should be fully focused in class and fully aware of proper ballet etiquette. Attendance is critical for promotion to pointe work. Dancers are required to enroll in Academy 3 Lyrical/Jazz

*Required for Company students.


Academy Level 4 Ballet/Pointe

This is a ballet/ pointe class and is offered only to students who were given permission by the instructor. Dancers in this level are experienced pointe dancers and advanced ballet students. Level 4 students must take the recommended number of classes per week and have excellent attendance in all classes. Steps will increase in difficulty and combinations will further grow in length and complexity. Technique and artistry is refined in this level of ballet at Stone Dance Academy. The curriculum moves quickly and these classes are meant for the focused and dedicated ballet dancer. Dancers are required to enroll in Academy Level 4 Lyrical/Jazz.

*Required for Company students.





Primary Tap 

In this class we will skip, gallop and leap... wiggle and giggle. The dancers will be exposed to basic tap dance, which is a wonderful activity to nurture a sense of rhythm and timing. We introduce and teach basic ballet positions and movements. A portion of this class also allows the dancers to be able to freely experience their own moving body and find joy in dancing. This dance class is a wonderful introduction for the young student to a basic classroom structure in a fun and nurturing environment. 


Pre-Academy Tap

In this class, students will be learning the fundamentals of tap technique as well as building on their sense of rhythm and their confidence. Our tappers love dancing to popular, age-appropriate music and get LOUD! Dancers are encouraged to enroll in Pre-Academy Ballet.


Tap Level 1

The core of the class will focus on the development of basic technical skills (shuffles, paradiddles, flaps, pickups, cramp-rolls, etc.), as well as the ear, or ability to understand music. Level 1 tap students will focus on timing, technique, and basic tap terminology while learning to master simple combinations. Students in this level are highly encouraged to enroll in The Academy.


Tap Level 2

Students enrolled in level 2 tap will have mastered the basic and fundamental movements of level 1. Artistry, expanded terminology and performance techniques will be introduced along with an emphasis on musicality, Combinations and more complex steps will be introduced.

Students at this level of Tap are also encouraged to enroll in The Academy.


Tap Level 3

Level 3 Tap will focus on precision, technique, showmanship, and artistry. Students in level 3 tap will also have an opportunity to incorporate acro elements acquired into performance routines and practice. Dancers are highly encouraged to enroll in The Academy.



Jazz and Lyrical


Pre-Academy Jazz

An introductory class with jazz basics to fun and kid-friendly music. Dancers will learn the beginning steps of jazz and work on picking up choreography sequences that fuse together style and technique. 


Pre-Academy Lyrical

In this level students will be introduced to both lyrical and ballet genres and the method in which they are combined, while understanding the performance aspects of lyrical. Students are highly encouraged to be enrolled in ballet.

Academy Level 1 Jazz/Lyrical

Level 1 is an introductory class with jazz and lyrical basics with kid-friendly music. Dancers will learn the beginning steps of jazz and lyrical and work on picking up choreography sequences that fuse together style and technique. This class Introduces dancers to the jazz genre and lyrical style and basic technical skills (i.e. jazz walk, chaine turns, single pirouettes, jetes and kicks).​ Dancers are required to enroll in Acdemy Level 1 Ballet.

*Required for Company students.


Academy Level 2 Jazz/Lyrical 

 Level 2 Builds dancers' style and confidence while working on musicality and the ability to pick up choreography and connect steps and skills together with a variety of musical styles. Level 2 works on further development of style and skills. ​ Dancers are required to enroll in Academy Level 2 Ballet.

*Required for Company students.


Academy Level 3 Jazz/Lyrical

This class is a more advanced combination of ballet and jazz that challenges dancers to use choreography and movement to interpret music and express emotion. Dancers learn to express emotions derived from lyrics to convey the dance’s meaning and build upon the techniques and showmanship of previous Jazz and Ballet training. Dancers are required to enroll in Academy Level 3 Ballet.

.*Required for Company students.


Academy Level 4 Jazz/Lyrical

This class is our most advanced technical jazz and lyrical class. Students must be placed by instructor. Dancers are required to enroll in Academy Level 4 Ballet.

*Required for Company students.


Primary Tumble

This class offers young children an introduction to the fundamentals of tumbling that will provide the building blocks necessary for their potential development in dance and overall fitness. By learning the benefits of flexibility, balance, strength, and body control inherent in all aspects of tumbling, your child will be better equipped to safely enjoy and excel in all of his or her future athletic endeavors.

Acro Level 1- (acrobatics/tumbling) is centered on fundamental acrobatic technique to increase flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, endurance, timing, body awareness, self-discipline, and confidence. Classes focus on proper hand placement and body alignment with emphasis on the muscles and flexibility required to perform proper technique. This Introductory level class will build acro skills and knowledge of the basics. Students will learn skills including a bridge, forward pike roll, pre-cartwheel, somersault, straddle and tuck jumps, and more.


Acro 2

This class will cover somersault variations, right & left cartwheels, handstand, elbow handstand, chest stand, bridge kick-over, bridge straight legs feet together, backbend from standing up, round off, backbend stand up.

Acro 3

The next progression of acro focuses on backbend kickover, chest stand, handstand tuck and roll, handstand to backbend, forearm stand,, front walkover, back walkover, switch leg back walkover, switch leg front walkover, one-handed back walkover, one-handed front walkover, front handspring, side aerials (introduction), Arabian limber, headstand variations, standing back handspring (with spot) some partner or group acro stunts and more. 


Acro 4

Students will learn how to execute one handed front walk-over, one handed back walk-over, side aerial, front aerial, back hand spring, round off back hand spring, back hand spring step out, press hand stands, walking on hands, spider, connections (ex: cartwheel back walk-over back hand spring step out), some partner or group acro stunts. 

Hip Hop

Beginner Hip Hop

 Explores the contemporary style with introductory level technique and focuses on interpreting music and choreography. Students will work on ability to pick up stylized choreography and movements.


Intermediate Hip Hop

In this class students will incorporate more intricate choreography and movement with faster-paced routines and music. Students are encouraged to be enrolled in Acro.


Advanced Hip Hop 

This class is for the student who has mastered a wide variety of hip hop and acro skills and builds upon them in a fast-paced environment.  Students are encouraged to be enrolled in Acro.


Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre class will focus on learning proper dance technique while exploring the various dance styles used in Broadway shows. Emphasis will also be placed on learning performance skills such as connecting with the audience and telling a story through dance and facial expressions.

Adult Ballet

Join us for adult ballet! Rekindle your inner ballerina training or start anew. This class is for beginner through immediate adults. Increase your core strength and tone your muscles while increasing overall flexibility while dancing.

Class Descriptions